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The most highly prized perfumes of the ancient world came from Egypt. Of these, arguably the most popular were Susinum (a perfume based on lily, myrrh, cinnamon), Cyprinum (based upon henna, cardamom, cinnamon, myrrh and southernwood) and Mendesian (myrrh and cassia with assorted gums and resins). Mendesian was named after the ancient city of Mendes, and although the perfume was produced in other locations at a later date, the best variety was still thought to be that from Mendes.Type your paragraph here.

The Art of Hand Made Blown Glass 

Hand Blown WIne glass, Wine sets, Oil burners, Candle holders and Others!

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Egypt was the world leader in the creation of perfume and was closely associated with the international perfume trade. When Julius Caesar took control of Egypt, he demonstrated this fact to the Roman people by throwing bottles of precious perfume to the crowd during his triumphant return to Rome.

Glassblowing have long  been a part of the Egyptian culture, glass has been found in tombs dating back 3,500 years ago.  When we say Old World Craftsmanship, we mean it! . Each glass art product is fired a minimum of three times, this ensures permanent rich colors and 22k gold.  Artisans in Egypt to create our products.  First, the glass blower who brings shape, second, the painter who is meticulous in his or her creative expression, and on some - the artist who etches your blown glass creation. Each one of these skilled people brings their best talent forward to create a truly unique piece for you to enjoy.