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 Passion for Egypt!

The Art of Inlaid jewellery Wooden Boxes

Tens of shapes, sizes, designs of wonderful gift of wooden inlaied jewellery Boxes

Glass and glassblowing have long  been a part of the Egyptian culture, glass has been found in tombs dating back 3,500 years ago.  When we say Old World Craftsmanship, we mean it!  We start by using the best raw materials on the market, quality Pyrex glass (not to be confused with soda glass).  Each perfume bottle is fired a minimum of three times, this ensures permanent rich colors and 22k gold.  

The Art of Hand Painted Papyrus

The word papyrus /pəˈpaɪrəs/ refers to a thick type of paper made from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus.[1] Papyrus can also refer to a document written on sheets of papyrus joined together side by side and rolled up into a scroll, an early form of a book. The plural for such documents is papyri.

Belly Dance Art Wear and Accessories 

Hot collection of Belly Dance Custom wear and accessories.  

The Art of Handmade Patchwork and Macrame

Tens of designs of beautiful Patchwork such as quilts, Bed sheets, Ornaments, Wall Macrame and many others 

The Art of Handmade Music Instruments

The Oud instrument appears in ancient Egypt art from the 18th dynasty onwards in long and short-neck varieties. Today’s oud is totally different from the old prototypes, however. Egyptian ouds tend to be very ornate and highly decorated.

 The Egyptian style has rounded edges around the head. Regular, Sombaty and Dohola Darbuka

More about Ouds and Darbuka

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The Art of Hand Hammered Copper 

Made by Egyptian professionals.  Tens of beautiful plates, mirror frames and many others made from 97% pure copper.